Re: Reefer question - moving fish?

Bob Sterner

Regarding commercial fishing on the Great Lakes, this 1922 report

contains some interesting information about fish products, packing, and transportation. I only skimmed parts of it, but pp 560-1 seem particularly useful. Commercial fishing on the Great Lakes was down to a trickle by the mid-50s.

Bob Sterner
St. Paul, MN

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I could see most freshwater fish such as Great Lakes catches being handled differently. It seems most would be daily fishers compared to the New England fishing fleet which would account for very different cycles. Atlantic Salmon was popular in New England, but not too many freshwater fish were sold to the public in markets at the time. I recall restaurants offering trout and less commonly catfish as far as fresh water fish went, but I'm sure regionally fresh water fish was much more common.

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