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There's a photo of NKP 32108 in Kline and Culotta, "PFCF", p 153.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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NKP 32000-32149 (149 cars, not 150). Rebuilt in 1936 from NKP 30750-31749 composite hoppers, originally built in 1923.

These cars were all over the railroad, but tracking down a photo of an entire car is pretty much impossible; mostly, they show up hidden behind engines in terminals. I have one murky color photo of an unidentifiable but whole car tucked in behind a B&A steam freight in 1949.
I've seen an in-train photo in a book (or magazine?) I have, but I don't remember which one. Next time I come across it, I'll try to remember to post up.

David Thompson

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