Re: Reefer Traffic on the Pennsy

Richard Hendrickson

Howdy y'all,

Thank you for all the wonderful help with suggestions regarding reefer
traffic on the PRR. Now I have another question...does anyone make a model
of an FGEX reefer appropriate for 1944? I see that Red Caboose is listing
cat #RC4437, and R-30-12-9 Wood Reefer in FGEX with a reweigh stencil of
Given Red Caboose's penchant for imaginary paint this car
correct for FGEX? Can it be backdated to 1944 by simply changing the
reweigh stencil?
No, Fruit Growers owned no cars that even remotely resembled the PFE
R-30-12-9 class. OTOH, Accurail's BREX-prototype wood reefers can be
reworked to represent FGEX and WFEX cars by replacing the fishbelly center
sills with straight center sills, if you can tolerate the molded-on
details. Or, like Bill Welch, you can pare all that stuff off and replace
it with free-standing details (see a photo of Bill's results in the latest
Railmodel Journal), but then you'd have to letter all your models with
decals. Unfortunately, though modelers of both both eastern and
northwestern RRs desperately need good models of FGEX/BREX/WFEX reefers,
the manufacturers are all saying the same thing: too many wood reefer kits
on the market already. So there's no simple solution on the horizon, AFAIK.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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