Re: Panel side hoppers


A. Premo wrote:

You can also add the D&H.
Correct. The D&H took delivery of 1000 USRA twin, and in the mid '30's rebuilt 302 of them with panel sides. In fact, some were even equipped with an expanded panel end and integrated heap shield.

Here's a pic of 3807 on my website with that end.

Tough to get any accurate car numbers, as to which of the USRA twins were rebuilt, as they were not renumbered and were selected from the hopper pool at random. Same holds true for the rebuilding of their USRA S/S boxcars. Some got upgraded with Murphy raised panel roofs, whereas others got the Viking.

Matt Forsyth

Modeling the D&H Penn Division
Erie Jefferson Division
in "O" Scale, summer, 1952

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