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Donald B. Valentine

And not only that but the CV had one or two that ran for years with some blister panels and some original panels! Talk about an odd sight! The Essex Junction, VT based North Western Vermont Model RR Society offered a custom run of these cars from Accu-Rail in their original paint style and may have a few left. The club sponsors the annual model railroad show at the Champlain Valley Fairground in Essex Junction each March. This year's show is this coming Saturday for anyone in the area who might like to check on current availability of these models.

Sorry for the crass commercial but the cas are very definitely steam era.

Don Valentine

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Central Vermont had some, there was an article in RMC a few years ago on these cars.

Roger Hinman
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I finished a Power Point presentation for Stan Rydarowicz last week.
It's mainly about the Wabash cars. That's what Stan sells models of. Also included are C&O, NYC, PRR, and CNW. I have a couple photos of Frisco panel sides. One partial in is front of a caboose. I thought it would make a good "The End" slide. But, I hesitated to use it because I know nothing about the Frisco cars. If someone could provide me with a descent photo and a brief description of the series I'd really appreciate it.

Did any other railroads that owned any?
Thanks, Clark Propst

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