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Gary Ray

Hi Andy,

I'm the rather new editor of the NMRA/PCR/Sierra Division publication Short
Line. I had emailed you but realize you are busy. Tony Thompson said I
needed to get permission from each person. Our recent contest has
weathering cars. The discussion on the STMFC Yahoo group was a perfect
addition. I would like to publish them in our Division newsletter and will
happily give credit. I've included your text below. I'll also give you the
link for the newsletter when it comes out.
Thanks for considering my request,
Gary Ray - "Short Line" Editor
Magalia, CA
(530) 873-0626

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I spray Kadee couplers with various colors of Polly Scale thinned with
distilled water per instructions (10 percent water) and 6 to 8 drops of
Liquitex Flow aid per ounce of spray mix. I airbrush the couplers with
several light coats of paint from different angles. My couplers still work
after the paint dries.

If yours don't work after painting, you must be spraying too heavy a coat of
paint. Remember, they're just couplers, and a perfectly uniform color isn't
necessary and probably not even desirable.

Andy Sperandeo

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