Re: Pennsy Class X-44 50 ft. and UP Class B-50-39 40 ft. Boxcar Roof Colors

Tim O'Connor

Fenton wrote

I'd like to get a catalog of his [Dan Hall's Southwest Scale Productions] parts
to see what's available. Does anyone have this on line?


Here you are, Fenton:

#650 10'-6" 6' 5 panel Superior door (produced in 1952). Used by C&IM, C&NW, CGW,
MILW, SOU, Santa Fe, CP, Rock Island, MKT, P&WV, MPA, MNS, FDD&S, GB&W, CoG, NYC,
NYS&W, AA, IC and others.

#672 10'-6" 6' 7 panel w/ wide 2nd panel Superior door (produced in 1948)
Used by Lackawanna, Rock Island, UP, Copper Range, C&NW, SOU, SOO, P&WV and others.

#673 10'-6" 6' 7 panel w/ wide 3rd panel Superior door (produced 1950-1951)
Used by Rock Island, Lehigh Valley, CoG, GB&W, NYC and others.

#750 10'-6" 7' 5 panel Superior door (produced in 1952) Used by
Buffalo Creek, Rutland, C&NW, Cotton Belt, TP&W, Lehigh Valley, VTR, Central of Georgia,
CMO, Monon and others. 5 equal spaced panels, except for a short bottom panel.

#770 10'-6" 7' 7 panel w/ even rib spacing Superior door (produced 1947-1948).
Used by B&M, Maine Central, Lehigh Valley, DT&I, PH&D and others.

#622 10'-6" 6' 6/6/5 IYD (improved Youngstown door), the so called "upside down" door because
it has the reverse panel count of the more common 5/6/6 IYD, such as Red Caboose,
Branchline Trains, and Kadee make. Some UP 40' boxcars, 100 GN Plywood sided cars, and others.

#614 10'-0" 6' 5/6/5 IYD, a favorite of the SP, KCS, DL&W, and the D&H.

#612 10'-0" 6' 4/6/6 IYD, also used by SP, as well as the M&StL. SP&S and GN used these doors
on 12 panel steel boxcars. I have seen photos of a retrofitted Milwaukee full ribbed
40' steel boxcar with these doors applied.

#610 10'-0" 6' 5/5/5 Interim IYD, also used by SP and nicknamed "Overnight" door, though many 100's
were applied to non-overnight cars.

#620 10'-6" 6' 5/6/5 Interim IYD, used by the Santa FE for class BX-44 boxcars.

Tim O'

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