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Marty,Just compare the dimensions.AFAIK the CV never owned any USRA hoppers.I have yet to try a panel on Bowser's GLa type to model the CV's hoppers.Doesn't Accurail have a paneled hopper?.Armand Premo

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That's why I started with the Bowser car when I wanted to build a few of these (see the first issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist).

I have one of Stan's panel side conversion kits to make a panelized XCV car, but haven't finished that project yet. It would even be possible to make a model of the CV's "partial panelized" car Don referred to in his note.

Also, in the February issue of MRH I included a picture I took showing the photo books on display at the last CVRHS meeting. The picture showing in the notebook happens to be one taken during the rebuilding of the hoppers with the blister panels.

Marty McGuirk

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> Unfortunately the CV cars mentioned were not USRA cars,but dimensionally close to Bowser's GLa s.Armand Premo
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