Re: Weathering Couplers

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I've airbrushed diluted Floquil and Polly Scale mixes
similar to those mentioned by Andy and Nelson on couplers and haven't found
any effect on coupling. I do leave the trip pins on and have been using
dual magnets to uncouple in op sessions for about 3 years. This video gives
some idea how they work

If you buy 10 or 20 packs of Kadees, you can attach the
shanks with masking tape to the edge of a 1x2 and spray them all at once.
Then you'll always have some handy when you need them. The cut out for the
shank in an index card works well for RTR cars, then you don't have to
disassemble them. I have to try Tim's recommendation for Bag Clips. Seems
they will work well for painting a lot of things.


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