Re: Weathering Couplers

Andy Sperandeo <asperandeo@...>

Hi Chuck,

I made a painting fixture for couplers by screwing alligator clips to a strip of wood. I just clip a coupler into each one and then hold the wood strip to spray them. As an added refinement, I made a stand with an S-shaped strip of brass stock screwed to a block of wood, and screwed the strip with the clips on top of that. With that rig I can paint a bunch of couplers at one time and keep my hand out of the spray pattern (mostly).

I leave the pins on too, because on many parts of my layout I intend to uncouple magnetically. The latest version of the Kadee 209 electro-magnet can be concealed completely under the ties and still work perfectly.

Your layout looks nice on the video. If you've made any additions or changes since it appeared in RMC, why don't you send some photos to us?

Thanks for writing,


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