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Gatwood, Elden J SAD

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Good points, Jim!

It is very interesting why the resin kit makers (or their pattern makers)
have chosen not to pursue more of the "intermediate" classes like the O-27B.
There were a large number of gons in between 46' and "new standard" 52'6" IL
cars that have not been done. I think DL&W, Erie, NYC, LT, URR, B&LE and
others all had gons around the 50'IL length.

Write to your favorite resin kit guys and suggest it!

Elden Gatwood

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The B&O class O-27b gondola is an interesting car, a 50' fishbelly
Bethlehem-built steel gondola that preceded the standard 52'6" gondola. B&O
had thousands of these O-27b gondolas and modified them for many purposes and
they lasted in some form into the 1970's.

Model manufacturers are attracted to multiple road name freight cars ....
like moths to light .... and I could make a better case to a resin or plastic
model manufacturer if I knew of other railroads besides B&O with this
Bethlehem 50' gondola. I invite discussion and insights on this matter.

This B&O O-27b is not to be confused with the B&O O-27/O-27a gondolas, which
were shorter USRA and USRA clone steel gondolas. Why B&O lumped these
dissimilar cars in the same class is a mystery.

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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