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The painting instructions appear to indicate that the roofs were painted, but
photos appear to show only the roof seam caps may have been or remained
painted since they had galvanized roof panels. The r/b would have been the
same; i.e., initially painted, but NOT with asphaltum (not black). If the
roof WERE painted, photos clearly show in instances where we can see them,
that the paint rapidly came off the panels, but most (or rust) remained on
the seam caps. Since we can't be definitive on how they all looked
(particularly right out of the factory), then, you may want to consider
painting the roof to look like this (with some time on the road):

Bare galvanized panels, with maybe some hint of paint and/or overspray;

Rusty seam caps, with some hints of car cement used in sealing them, and;

Mostly galvanized-colored r/b, with some hints of paint and/or overspray down
in recesses.

That's the way I've been doing them, and nobody gets to tell you, that you
are "wrong"...

Elden Gatwood

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Thanks to those on the list who educated me on the roof issues re PRR Class
X-43 boxcars. My current question pertains to the roof color for PRR Class
X-44 50 ft. boxcars, specifically the Branchline kit version. The roof comes
painted PRR boxcar red but the running board is painted or molded black. Do I
paint the running board to match the roof, paint the roof to match the
running board, or leave both as they are?

Another question pertains to the roof color on UP Class B-50-39 40 ft.
boxcars. An article in Railmodel Journal gives roof color as black, but the
model photos on the Speedwich web site show color pictures of the model with
a oxide red roof to match the rest of the car. The Branchline kit comes with
oxide red roof and running board. What is the correct roof color for this


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