Re: Panel side hoppers & Use of NEw England Road owned hoppers.

Donald B. Valentine

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Unfortunately the CV cars mentioned were not USRA cars,but
dimensionally close to Bowser's GLa s. Armand Premo

This is all too true and can also be said of the Rutland #100000 series hopper cars. Unfortunately, other than the New Haven, I'm not aware of any New England road that actually owned hopper cars of the USRA design. Most seem to have been a bit more squat and had ends of a considerably different design using much heavier stock for the vertical bracing near the centers of the ends. The distance between the intersection of the slope sheet with the ends and the top of the ends may have been less than on the USRA cars, which might account for their appearing to be more squat.

While discussing hoppers I'd like to rasie some questions abut thier use. Both the B&M and MEC at one time had a fair number of hopper cars with both roads favoring the offset panel design. Both roads had twin hoppers of this design and the B&M also had quads using it. In each case these cars seem to have been used primarily to deliver coal arriving at New England seaports to on line customers.
The same can be said for the Bangor & Aroostock which used three steram powered unloaders at Searsport the George Barrett and i had the pleasure of watching in full operation some dozen years ago.
The Rutland hoppers were also used similarly though in that case the coal was transfered from off road hoppers to Rutland hoppers utilizing a large coal dock formerly sited not far from Armand Premo's home. I've often wondered how much coal was usually lost via either transshipment method. But what about the CV, or were it's hoppers only used to carry company coal? The same question can be raised for teh New Haven. And when it comes to company coal, that used to supply a road's own locomotives, how often, if ever, were company hoppers used to carry such coal all the way from the mine or grading tipple at which it originated? I have long had the feeling that most company coal was transfered to company hopper someplace on line as in over twenty years of looking I've never seen a photo of a mine or grading tipple in which a New England road hopper car appeared. Any information in tis area would be greatly appreciated by those of us modeling New England roads

My best, Don Valentine

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