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Chris Sawicki

Steve- this may be of some help (its free) RailModel Journal May 1995

Chris Sawicki

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I'm modeling in the 1919 to 1925 period so having a roster to go by would be the
first thing that I would need to do before trying to look for photos.

I know that there are USRA copies and look-a-likes so having a good USRA roster
would be important to have before starting any kind of research.

BTW, thanks for everyone's suggestions so far and it is much appreciated.

- Steve

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I strongly agree on doing a photo search . . . . especially in the ERA that you
are modeling.

"Spotting a few cars in photos of trains in the area you model would be even
better at avoiding making a model that might never or only rarely appear on your

In putting together an article on the C&Os USRA twin-hops we found that cars
didn't always follow what the diagrams sheets implied they should look like.  We
found some were equipped with "bibbed" or double-notched radial and full-radial
end extensions.  Also, field shots did not support continued use of their
"Columbia Trust" paint liveries for very long.  Also, it was imposible to
determine when their lever style hand brakes were replaced with vertical shaft
with wheel hand brakes.  Fortunately, the Raceland Car Shops made 5 x 7s image
prints of most the C&Os car series in the Van's new paint livery for the
management folks up in Cleveland in the spring-summer of 1931 (I believe an
extra set was found in the Huntington Labs in 1968).

It means getting a loop out and checking yard shots, etc. and then scanning at
1000 dpi to find them.

We are also going to find "non-standard or different than the diagram sheets"
rebuilds of the 70-ton center-clam-shell USRA design inspired hopper cars.

Al Kresse

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It would seem that if your goal is to build and letter a couple of models, you
would be more interested in photos - preferably taken in the era you model. The
STMFC site, Speedwitch books, possibly older issues of RMJ or Model Railroading
(the latter two available free on-line) if they covered the Tichy or Accurail
cars, would give you more pertinent info than a  roster. Spotting a few cars in
photos of trains in the area you model would be even better at avoiding making a
model that might never or only rarely appear on your layout.

Pieter Roos

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I have a couple of Tichy USRA hoppers that I want to find prototypes for and I
was hoping that someone has a USRA list so I could refer to.

I have no idea if the R&LHS bulletin is accurate or not accurate. It looks like
I'll have to pay $15 to get the information.


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Steve Hedlund wrote:
USRA box car, gondola and steam engine rosters have been well
documented in the last few years. But what about the USRA 2-Bay
hopper? I am having a hard time finding an accurate roster. Can
someone help me locate a roster? Thanks.
There's a complete roster in R&LHS Bulletin 128. Do you think it's

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