Re: Tank car photo [Was: 1928 Photo of Reefers . . .]

Charles Hladik

Just a guess about "inedible" and the location. Probably a car of tallow
for soap or such.
Chuck Hladik

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Ron Merrickt wrote:
That guy is 'poling' the car, or 'gauging' it, to check the level of
liquid. He would have opened the valve some time previously, via
the handwheel. See Kaminski's tank car book, p. 220,221, 223 etc.

A likely explanation is that the unloading procedure called for the
second man to watch the liquid level during unloading to see that it
was actually going down, and it gave the crew the opportunity to
figure out when they'd be done. He's undoubtedly supposed to close
the valve when the car is empty, before the man on the ground
disconnects the hose.
That's how I read the photo also, Ron. Another possibility
might be that the man on top is "gauging" the car so they can remove a
certain number of gallons, but that would be tricky. The word
"inedible" hand lettered on the end seems odd.

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