Re: Overhead Circa 1928 Photo of Reefers at B&O Camden Warehouse

Bill Welch

Alternatively, the folks at Accurail could tool up a welded side to produce a third steel sheathed reefer version. The little "Banana" logo would appeal to many and would provide enough sales to cover the cost of tooling considering the other major components are already available. This alternative would increase the happiness of many.

Bill Welch

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There is not really a good model. These were welded cars.

I just took a look at the pix Bill sent me a while back. The welded cars have all the accouterments of the soon to be released Accurail steel reefer; Same ends, same roof, but different sides. I got to wondering if one could shave the rivets off the Accurail sides, but two problems; the welded cars used shorter doors, and they used the older style cast hinges. Those hinges are made, however, by Grandt Line, as are the latch bars. Since the Accurail kit is going to have separate sides applied to full sub-sides that form the core of the body, it looks like the easiest way to model these cars is to make new welded sides by scribing the weld lines on .040" styrene sheet, then adding the Grandt latch bars, hinges, and a few Archer rivets on the door.


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