Re: Verona Trucks

bob_karig <karig@...>

I've just uploaded the actual drawings for the Verona 70 ton truck used under the NYC Hopper Car. I have other photos of the Verona drawings as well if you're interested.

The Pennsylvania Archives is not able to routinely duplicate these large drawings. That's why I've taken pictures instead.

I don't believe you'll be able to find these with the tracing numbers. They're contained in the Pullman Standard collection, MG 393, in the Pennsylvania Archives. They're not filed that way.

My guess is that they're in one of these three boxes: 393m.47, 393m.49, or 393m.50. You'll be able to tell real quickly if it's the right box, because there's a large tab that says Verona inside the box.

Bob Karig

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