Re: 1930's Swift reefer color SRLX 3707

Andy Cich

I have built 4 of the Sunshine cars in the yellow paint scheme. I use Polly
Scale paints as well. The Sunshine instructions say to use a mixture of 4/5
reefer yellow and 1/5 reefer orange. I used this ratio and am happy with
the results. For the ends I used Polly Scale box car red.

I painted the sides first and then the ends. I didn't bother with any
masking. Just be careful with the angle of your spray and you will get a
sharp edge between the colors at the corner of the car. Of course, some
items will need to be touched up with a brush, but the Polly Scale levels
well and you can't tell what was airbrushed and what was not. The edge of
the brake step near the side comes to mind as something that had to be
touched up.

I did mask the sides later to paint the fascia. This is an easy mask
without interference of detail parts like grab irons, cut levers, etc.. And
to anyone painting the red cars I will pass along this tip: Instead of
painting the fascia white, I used Microscale 6" wide white decal stripes. I
can never paint white properly and this solution worked out great.

Andy Cich

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