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I recently found the following for Bellingham WA

If you go to the far right of page 1 and zoom in you'll see a really neat
looking CM&StP bulkhead flat car. I've been trying to identify what series that
car belongs to but with no luck.

Is there anyone here that can help out?

In case you are wondering, those hoppers in front of the MILW car belong to
Olympic Portland Cement Co. OPCCo has a large plant on the northside of
Bellingham (and on Puget Sound) and it was served by the GN and the MILW. Not
sure what kind of hoppers those are though. And that plant is still in

BTW, on the bottom right behind the Bellingham & Northern steam engine is a
Bellingham & Northern 36' box car (they only had one series of box car, 600 to
690). And I think the car behind that is a Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound 50'
automobile box car (series 206501 to 207470).

- Steve Hedlund, Silver Lake, WA

The car number appears to be either 68319 or 68519. The former is in series
68001-68489 (odd numbers) with 220 cars in the November 1926 ORER. The latter
number is in series 68511-68619 (odd numbers) with 37 cars. The cars are 41'
outside length with steel underframes. There is no note concerning the
bulkheads; but I note on the photo that the only stakepockets seem to be the
ones that receive the apparently removably bulkheads, so it appears the car has
been at least slightly modified to accept the bulkheads (or the car was
originally built with just four stake pockets). At the ends. The four other
flats in the photo have log bunks, so I wouldn't be surprised if the car were
used for some variation of "pulpwood loading". Interesting that the horizontal
planking is not carried all the way across the car--apparently to allow the
brakeman to pass through and do his job should the car be running empty.

Also of interest (somewhat beyond freight cars, though) is the McKeen car.
Hubba hubba. Should Exactrail ever do one (or maybe Athearn), it'll be hard to
resist (yes, I know of the Kidder ones; but I recall them being much shorter).
I note that the first word on the side is definitely NOT BB&BC--I'm getting
something like "SULSHAM".

And the world's biggest Christmas tree--nice!


Edward Sutorik

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