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Having some thousand wheel reports ,I have come to the conclusion that location is the most important factor in freight car distribution.Another factor is the size of the railroad being modeled.Railroads serving largely rural areas are most likely to have a much different mix.FWIW.Armand Premo

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I've analyzed the same conductor's train book I mentioned
earlier, this time for the 139 box cars in the sample. This isn't a
very big sample, but it does yield some interesting conclusions. I've
summarized them in a blog post, at

The main thing I think I can get from the data is that about
a third of all the box cars in the sample were home-road cars (SP +
T&NO), which is about what I'd concluded from counting cars in photos
of yards and trains. Perhaps also noteworthy is that PRR cars were
represented at about their percentage in the national car fleet, but
some other roads were notably under- or over-represented, in Gilbert-
Nelson terms. I personally do not attach much importance to that
conclusion, however, because the sample is pretty small for most roads.

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