Tichy Flat Cars

kenneth broomfield

I am in need of a bunch of flat cars. I have been looking at the Tichy Flat Car
40 foot 50 ton, in the six pack. I am wondering if anyone on this list knows
what the prototype was for these cars as well as what roads used them. Were they
just a USRA type design or some one specific. Also what are your thoughts on
building them. Anything I should add or take away. Are the well done or what. I
also need advice on decaling them. I model the PRR as well as RDG. So I have
enough flats for those roads, do not think they were used on the PRR anyway. I
looked on ebay for decals and got lost as soon as I typed in decals. How can I
find a decal for a specific car with out looking at a specific road. I do not
care what road they are decalled for just that they are correct for that road
and WW2 era.

Thanks in advance.

Kenny Broomfield

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