Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC


Remind me please, someone: what "dimensional" data did the AAR require for interchange? Just LD LMT and LT WT as on the Pacemaker cars in RP CYC 8, or was there supposed to be more?

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-- Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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On Mar 16, 2011, at 7:37 PM, Steve Hoxie wrote:

RP CYC 8, pg. 90, NYC 174710 in Pacemaker colors, reporting marks
and LD LMT and LT WT (no scale station or date) in black, no
dimensional data. Photo credit: "George Sisk photo taken at Kansas
City, Missouri, circa 1948. Charles E. Winters collection."
Yes, Steve, I have that photo,but it doesn't prove that Pacemaker
cars routinely visited Kansas City. I'll bet George said "Wow, look
at that" and took the photo because he'd never seen one before.

Richard Hendrickson

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