Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC

Greg Martin writes:
I would be curious to know who would be penalized for running a car on a foreign road if it didn't have the required reporting marks. Would the NYC be fined for allowing the car to leave home rails? Or the "foreign" road that had the car on it when spotted by an inspector? Or, both? What WERE the consequences of having a very standard design car, in apparently good shape, "caught" on a foreign road without all mandated reporting marks?


By AAR interchange rules the cars were not to be interchanged (or accepted at interchange) but the fines would be levied to the Home Road for allowing the crew to interchange the car. If the fines were levied they would be minor for the first infraction. There was always the UMLER or ORER to define the car more clearly once offline.

Richard is correct and we have discussed this at length, it is human or railfan nature to photograph the unique equipment. Why take a photo of a Santa Fe car, just like all the others you have in your collection, when you find a B&M car in San Diego or a Southern Pacific car in Bangor, MA.

I try as hard as I can not to model the odd or unique car when I should be modeling tons of home road cars unless they were a regular occurrence like a UP S-40-10 in a stock car mix on the PRR. It is tempting and I do it but I generally regret it later.

Greg Martin

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