Re: Model Analysis and Evolution

Clark Propst

Building and operating a prototype layout has made me into a much more disciplined buyer. Seems most cars I've bought on impulse are now gone or I'm thinking about selling.
My fleet stands at 138 operating models and 5 unbuild kits.

I still have my weak moments. Last summer I bought an IM ATSF WE box car RTR at the National Train Show because it was cheap. I then spent time repainting parts, adding decals, changing some appliances and still the base car of the car is wrong!
Last Naperville I bought one of those Sunshine multi-door D&RGW box cars because it was cool looking. Only to find in my documentation I should have bought the 6' door car…I guess I'll build it anyway…

Thanks for sharing your thoughts John : ))
Clark Propst

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