Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC

Benjamin Hom

James Yaworsky wrote:
"Disclaimer: as a NYC-focused modeler, I like to see manufacturers release
NYC-specific models. And this will happen more often, the more NYC-specific
models they sell. So, yes, nothing would make me happier than to know that every

member of this list got at least one of the Intermountain cars being released...

The two most "famous" NYC pieces of equipment are probably Dreyfus Hudsons, and
Pacemaker boxcars. Well, you can't justify a Dreyfus Hudson on your layout
unless you *are* modeling the NYC - but you CAN justify a Pacemaker car..."

Hate to say it, James, but this state of affairs ain't going to happen until
NYC-focused modelers come out and actively support NYC-specific freight cars,
mot only through sales, but through demonstrating through publishing research
showing why NYC freight car prototypes are important, and actively pushing
prototypes through product development and cooperation with the manufacutrers. 
A major resin manufacturer has been quoted as saying sales at the NYCSHS Anuual
Meeting were his worst at any historical society meeting.  Why should the rest
of us get excited when the NYC guys aren't excited about their own products?

None of this appears to be of any interest to the NYCSHS - the flyer for this
year's Society's Annual Meeting in Albany advertises two O-Scale Tinplate
layouts as being open for business, while lacking any of the Capital District's
notable layouts (and there are at least several nationally-known layouts).  I'll
bet that there was little or no support provided by NYCSHS to the BLI NYC
USRA-design steel boxcar - the single most lacking model boxcar on any HO-scale
steam era layout.

With all due respect to Jeff English, Roger Hinman, and Terry Link, I just don't
see a whole lot of action from the NYC crowd.  Ask yourself, James - why is
there so much available for the PRR models, and so little available for the NYC?

Ben Hom

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