Re: D&H 36" DS cars


Ned Carey wrote:

I am Building a Sunshine D&H numbers 19500-20899, 21000-22399. Can anyone direct me to photos? Perhaps Focus on Freight Cars #2 which I need to buy? I am especially interested in one with the Indestructable end.


Are you referring to the three panel reverse Hutchins end, or the reinforced Burnett end?

I have several shots on my website (all images in the public domain). Here's a link to a pic of 22962 (from my site) with the Hutchins end.

I can also make a .pdf of the entire Nehrich/Yungkurth article available to you off-list.

Contact me directly and let me know...

Matt Forsyth

Modeling the D&H Penn Division
Erie Jefferson Division
in Proto 5-0, Summer of 1952

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