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Remind me please, someone: what "dimensional" data did the AAR require for interchange? Just LD LMT and LT WT as on the Pacemaker cars in RP CYC 8, or was there supposed to be more?
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I don't believe anyone directly answered your question.

In Section 3, FREIGHT CAR CONSTRUCTION of each Car Builders' Cyclopedia there is "A.A.R. [or A.R.A.] Standards, Lettering and Marking" near the beginning with illustrations showing the required lettering for different types of freight cars. These are large, easy to read drawings.

(Photos are better for lettering models, of course, but these drawings could be used in the absence of a photo. Doing so would almost certainly guarantee that someone would immediately come up with a photo proving said lettering to be wrong.)

The correct source, because it is updated at least annually and in most years more often than that, is the Interchange Rules but there are few or no illustrations, just text.

Absolute statements that the lack of required stenciling makes interchange impossible are not exactly correct, close but not quite. The interchange rules give the receiving railroad the right to refuse to accept a car not in compliance if the receiving railroad chooses to do so. They can also accept such a car.

As a practical matter, the most likely instance of interchanging a car not in compliance with interchange rules is inside a switching district where a switching line may hand off a car not in compliance to another railroad for delivery within that same switching district.

The two paragraphs above are going to get me into trouble so I'll be ducking for cover as soon as I hit 'send.'

Truth be told, it would take a bevy of Philadelphia lawyers to figure out all the interchange rules. That is why you will find a Code of Car Service Rules and Interpretations in every Equipment Register and why the ARA/AAR has an Arbitration Committee and why there is a long list of Arbitration Committee Decisions in each annual Proceedings of the ARA/AAR Mechanical Division or predecessor organizations.

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Ducking for cover now ;-)

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