Re: Weathering Couplers

Andy Harman

First, I forgot to thank everyone who responded on this topic. I suspected
that my problem was more one of practice than technique, as most of you are
using the same basic methods I've already used... I just keep getting paint
where it's not supposed to be, and I've not had good results trying to
unstick a coupler once the jaw motion is impeded. Rarely do I have any
problem with the centering motion, just the jaw being either stuck or more
commonly, the action on it becmes to stiff for the spring to operate it.
About 40% of the time I can work it back and forth and get it going, but
seems like half of those stick again down the road after I've forgotten
about them.

I just painted a couple last night using a small brush and Floquil roof
brown straight from the bottle. So far so good. I also painted them
before mounting them, which allows me to better see what I'm doing and
control the flow of the paint. I will probably vary the colors and mix but
I think I'm better off using Floquil (as opposed to an acrylic) just
because it is easier to control and if it does get into the hinge, it
should be easier to work it back out. Thanks again for the suggestions.


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