Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC

James Yaworsky

--- In, Andy Harman <gsgondola@...> wrote:
Is interest in the NYC in general passe'? Even as a kid, I thought of the
NYC as the "Gray Suits" of railroading - not flashy but all business,
elegant, and prosperous. I guess that doesn't translate to a modeling


You have expressed an interesting theory in a very concise and elegant matter, and as I read the "Gray Suits" sentence, I thought to myself that I've never come across a better one-liner to describe the essence of the NYC at many times in its fairly long history.

Of course, there were some not-so prosperous times, as well... Personally, I model Perlman's Road to the Future, fighting for its life, a bit run down but concentrating on the essentials and developing many innovative and exciting practices.

Also, it's hard to model 2 or 4 track mainline action in a reasonable space! It's not "quaint". No mountains. What "spectacular" scenery there is consists of massive items like a very large bridge across the wide and deep Niagara River gorge just north of the Falls etc.

However, do we really know how many layouts have actually been constructed for any given prototype railroad? How many NYC-themed model railroads exist? There's really no way of knowing, is there?

Jim Yaworsky

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