Re: Tichy Rebuilt boxcar question


It's on my modeling page: Charlie recently asked me to do the decals so they're availble now along with a set for a similar ACL rebuild.

Jerry Glow

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Jerry, didn't you have photos of that car? I have a couple of the
Tichy cars and think this would make a great project for one of them...

Craig Zeni
Cary NC

"Bother", said Pooh, as he chambered another round...

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Date: Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:30 pm ((PDT))

I cut it off and replaced it with sheet and strip stock for mine.

Jerry Glow

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Jerry - if I can sand off the Tichy kit's roof without too much
damage I'll use the new Frisco decals you just sent me. I'd
rather have a Frisco car than another P&LE on the layout.

Charlie Duckworth

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If it's unbuilt it makes a good basis for a Frisco 8 panel USRA
rebuild from a DS car. I just did decals for it in 3 versions
(with and w/o "Lines" in a small herald and large herald with
Frisco Fast Freight on the right. The latter started being
applied approx late '52 with possibility of the others esp w/o
"Lines" in '54.

The ACL set is also good for the same bash.

Jerry Glow

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Unfortunately, these cars were never relettered for NYC, and
other NYC rebuilt boxcars differed in height and ends. However,
Sunshine did mini-kits (Jim Hayes Number "MK-15B", consisting of
ends, center sill, decals) converting this model to Wabash
82000-82513 boxcars equipped with auto racks. This conversion
could also be the basis for similar Wabash DS boxcar rebuilds -
see my rebuilt boxcar spreadsheet in the files section for more
Wabash possibilities.

Ben Hom

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