Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC - NYCSHS

James Yaworsky

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Let me pipe in here if I can. I work with WrightTRAK and we were looking at
doing a project, a NYC car. I contacted the NYCHS [snip] Needless to say that
project did NOT get done. This is by far the most restrictive policy that
we have ever come across. In this instance it cost NYC modelers a car that
we are certain would have been well received and it badly needed.

Denis Blake
WrightTRAK Railroad Models.

This is distressing to hear and as a member of the NYCSHS all I can say is I don't believe the general membership of the Society knew or would approve of the way this was handled.

I am reporting it to some of the "modeler-friendly" executive members and intend to do everything I can to see nothing like this ever happens again.

Jim Yaworsky

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