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Denis Blake:

Let me pipe in here if I can. I work with WrightTRAK and we
were looking at doing a project, a NYC car. I contacted the
NYCHS and was told, yes, they have the drawings we are looking
for. We would have to purchase the CD set, I don't remember
what that cost was, but it was NOT cheap. This set included
all sorts of information that we did not need. Then they said
that because we were using information gathered from them that
we would be limited to the amount of product we could produce
from those drawings.
That makes no sense. I have no problem with institutions charging whatever they want for access to or copies of their information, and I certainly understand royalty fees based on publication quantity - when you publish original drawings or photos. But when you use original drawings or photos only as reference materials to produce models, I don't see how the holding institution can restrict the "amount of product".

I work with the Newberry Library and am very familiar with their fee structure and terms of use. I have redrawn a multitude of floor plan, underneath equipment and side elevation drawings from Pullman originals in the Newberry files and am not in violation of the Newberry's terms of use when those (re)drawings show up in kit instructions. What am I missing when it comes to the NYCHS?

Tom Madden

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