Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC

Dennis Storzek

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Greg Martin wrote:

<<By AAR interchange rules the cars were not to be interchanged (or accepted at interchange) but the fines would be levied to the Home Road for allowing the crew to interchange the car. If the fines were levied they would be minor for the first infraction. There was always the UMLER or ORER to define the car more clearly once offline.>>

By what means and by whom were the fines levied? There was absolutley no system in place for penalties within the structure of the ARA/AAR Interchange or Car Service Rules at least within the scope of the STMFC.
That was my impression... during the steam era the only recourse the receiving road had was to refuse the car... and if it did so, the NYC would have to send it to the RIP track, spot another car, and hire a gang of labors to transfer the load to the new car, providing supervision for the work so the load wasn't pilfered.

Or, someone of suitable authority on the NYC could just call his counterpart on the connecting road and remind him about the last time they'd accepted a junk car from HIM, and all would be good in the world.

The only place the car was likely to cause a problem would be returning the car under load, IF the new shipper needed the light weight of the car... and that was the problem of neither of the two gentlemen listed above.


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