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According to 1952 freight car schedules, PRR was running the following east bound livestock trains:

SW-8 rest and water at Columbus no stop Herr's Island

PH-10 lives stock block terminated Herr's Island

VL-6 live stock block terminated Herr's Island

NW-86 rest water feed Columbus no work Herr's Island

NW-88 rest water feed Columbus no work Herr's Island

WS-8 block 2 live stock terminate Herr's Island block 3 continue to Enola without rest etc

FW-8 drop block at Herr;s Island pick-up rested live stock from VL-6, PH-10, WS-8, PH-29 and previous day FW-8.

Looks like the only live stock train beyond Herr's Island that worked Herr's Island was FW-8

So if wheel reports or consists of FW-8 can be located your question should be answered.

SW-8, NW-86, NW-88 would need to show consists from Columbus.

I don't know what PH-29 is. It is not in the freight schedule and should be an west bound or south bound train.

Rich Orr

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Dave wrote:
I do not want to re-open the entire fleet balance debate, but I have not yet
esearched what a viable mix of stock cars would be on a PRR stock train (e.g.
an-of-war) in central Pennsylvania (after resting the east bound animals at
err Island in Pittsburgh).
I guess the generic question is, once a stock car is loaded with stock that is
estined for a specific location, could that car be replaced when the stock was
emoved for rest/feeding/car cleaning at an intermediate location, or would the
ar and its stock go all the way to the destination?
I would think this would govern whether western road stock cars make it east of
err Island. I need to start identifying what models to buy.
Are there any era dependencies? I am modeling WWII.
ave Evans"

did a little research on the rail miles (current no era specific) and it shows
hat CHGO to Newark, NJ (not exactly the slaughter houses) show to be 898 miles
Greenville Docks, NJ is the same). If I do the math using 21 miles per hour as
he rule (stock would/should move faster than manifest freight) then it would
ake approximately 43 hours to make the move and would be outside the AAR rules
nd thus the stock would have to be rested and feed at Herr Island, PA
Pittsburgh, PA). But AAR records show during the WW2 era that train speeds were
igher than in most other eras. I believe when it comes to Herr Island you have
o think in terms of first in first out...

ut in my era of the mid 50s photo evidence shows that (dare I say this) most
ars returning west (great shots crossing the Rockville Bridge) were of western
rigin, not all just most. One need only search the pages of the Don Ball books
s well as the Don Wood's book to see that there was less than one would expect
f home road cars. I have found good evidence that the UP cars held down a
remendous amount of the business (related to car supply) and an abnormally low
mount of PRR cars show up. I was inspired to do my Shake N Take UP S-40-10 car
n DLS paint based on a photo in Don Wood's book taken on the Middle Div.
railing an L&N Mathers stock car, trailing a PRR Mountain headed west. Then in
he late fifties as the PRR began to take the stock business more seriously and
ith the rebuilding program to the K9 and K11 program the worm turns so to say.
e (SPF's) all realize that this business supported the fledgling Truc/Trailer
rain program. In my stock car fleet it i
s doubtful that I will even bother to represent a PRR car in my empty/loaded
ar fleet.
I have never done more than photo research and would love to see the accounting
ecords during the transition era to see exactly where the PRR K class cars
erived there per diem as they just don't really show up in on line photos other
han parked... go figure.and the then compare the off line cars accounting
Greg Martin

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