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I am a Director of the NYCSHS and I am a model railroader too. I have a 14'x16' HO layout based roughly on the NYC in Pennsylvania coal country.

Quite a few fellow directors are also model railroaders so one would think that the NYCSHS would position itself so as to do all that it could to promote prototypically-correct modeling of the NYCS. I don't think it does, but that is my opinion and mine alone.

The problem, as I see it, and I speak ONLY for myself, not for any or all of the other eleven directors, is that the NYCSHS was founded by a small group of former NYC employees. Their intent was to establish a historical society - period.

In 1970, with the demise of the NYC only two years in the past, there was NO real need to pay any attention to railfans or model railroaders. But now I think things are very different. The NYC, and the Pennsy too, have been gone since 1968. It is highly unlikely that ANYONE born after 1953 can remember ever seeing an actual NYC or Pennsy train.

I think that if the NYCSHS is going to survive more than another few years it MUST adopt a very model-friendly posture and it MUST do so NOW. I think ALL railroad historical societies MUST do this.

The NYCSHS board meets on April 28th in Albany NY. The annual general membership meeting of the NYCSHS takes place in the evening, after dinner, on April 30th.

I am positive that the subject you folks have been discussing will be on the agenda. I cannot predict whether or not there will be any change in the current policy vis-a-vis manufacturers of model railroad equipment. I sure hope the board will become a lot more model-friendly but it might not. It will help a lot if NYCSHS menbers show up for the general meeting on April 30th. Members can attend the general meeting whether or not they have registered for the convention.

Also, people with an interest or opinion can go to the NYCSHS website and use the contact button to send a message. All messages are read and most are distributed to the entire board.

Hugh T. Guillaume
Director, NYCSHS

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Let me pipe in here if I can. I work with WrightTRAK and we were looking at
doing a project, a NYC car. I contacted the NYCHS [snip] Needless to say that
project did NOT get done. This is by far the most restrictive policy that
we have ever come across. In this instance it cost NYC modelers a car that
we are certain would have been well received and it badly needed.

Denis Blake
WrightTRAK Railroad Models.

This is distressing to hear and as a member of the NYCSHS all I can say is I don't believe the general membership of the Society knew or would approve of the way this was handled.

I am reporting it to some of the "modeler-friendly" executive members and intend to do everything I can to see nothing like this ever happens again.

Jim Yaworsky

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