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Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

It's more a matter of what "they" are missisng: an understanding of intelectual property laws, particularly with regard to copyrights. Not uncommon, unfortunately. In the military vehicle world there are several libraries claiming copyright to photographs that have the US Army Signal Corps emblem in the corner!

(Government photographs are "born" in the public domain. It's not that the Government claims copyright and lets us use it free, it's that they are not protectable at all.)


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From: pullmanboss

I work with the Newberry Library and am very familiar with their fee structure and terms of use. I have redrawn a multitude of floor plan, underneath equipment and side elevation drawings from Pullman originals in the Newberry files and am not in violation of the Newberry's terms of use when those (re)drawings show up in kit instructions. What am I missing when it comes to the NYCHS?

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