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Larry Sexton


Classic Metal Works has made a few nice Ford cars (mid 30s) and White trucks
(1942 and later)for the period you're asking about. The Williams Bros. had
some nice plastic Fords cars for approximately 1940 and Jordon makes cars
and trucks that fit your time period. One of the best suppliers, in my
opinion, is Sylvan Models. They make quite a few different models of cars
from the mid-late 1930s and some excellent 1930-40 trucks. And Athern made
models of Ford trucks from the mid-1920s. There are also a few cars from
Ricko and European manufactures that will work. Sheepscot Models makes a few
resin models of heavy trucks that require some effort to create, but are
well worth the effort. There are probably a few more, especially the Russian
Premo line of military vehicles that are based on the 1930 Autocar. I bought
a dozen or so and modified them to make a number of different heavy duty
trucks appropriate for the mid and late 1930s. Almost forgot, Woodland
Scenics makes a decent model of the late 1930s Mack mid-duty trucks. Much
more could be done with it than has been done so far.

A lot more types could be done, but so far most manufacturers seem to not
realize that trucks from the 1930-41 period made up a significant % of the
vehicles in service until well into the early 1950s. Hope this helps.

Larry Sexton

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I'm Not sure just where to post this question so I'm going to cross-post it
to all of the groups I'm in.

I'm looking for a sorce for ho scale cars & Trucks RTR, in the 1920's

Please contact me off list with any help.

Bill Hodkinson

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