Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC - NYCSHS

hacketet <hacketet@...>

I noticed some comments about the NYC historical society. They apparently aren't very eager to engage the model RR community. That is unfortunate because modelers are a sorce of a lot of potential income. I have been a member of the C&O HS for many years and although I live a considerable distance away, I've visited the archives several times and have participated in a couple of volunteer work sessions.

The society actively promotes the model railroad hobby. It is good for modelers and provides substantial income to the society. You may have noticed the large number of C&O prototype models produced over the last few years. There have also been many special run models made specifically for the society and sold through their on line store

and at their store front in Clifton Forge.

A few years ago they had ammased sufficient funds to build the C&O Heritage Center which will soon be home to C&O 614.

This whole thing was started in 1979 with a type written (most of us remember type writers) news letter. Why any historical society would pass on this source of income is beyond my understanding.

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