Re: Southern Railway Box Car Plans Sought

Aidrian & Susie Bridgeman-Sutton <smokeandsteam@...>

I have come across a small published photo of what appears to be a Southern box car being used in a milk run on the Washington and Old Dominion Railway. The photo is from the 1920 era. The W&OD was running on tracks leased from the Southern at that time. The box car has four or five vertically riveted panels on each side of the door. The door construction is a little unusual (not one I have seen before). Similar to an outside braced box car, the door has outside bracing creating the impression of three horizontal panels. <<

I don't think this description fits any Southern prototype from the 1920s.

What you describe might be a Creco door, and perhaps it might be a PRR or NYC car? Both had steel cars with Creco doors in this period


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