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Bill Welch

Thank you Fenton. I am pretty sure I have these. I also have detailed photos of the two decking systems installed by FGE and drawings for them too. I am hoping the citation I am looking for may have some text about the system, hopefully quoting FGE's Mechanical Dept. I am also curious to know which group of decked cars the article is about as this may help me put a date to when the steel sheathed decked cars were built.

Bill Welch

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I have 2 Howard Ameling photos of such a cars. Car No.9392, reweigh date
Jax 8-56 and No. 9235 with rewigh dates of Jax 3-54.
If you need them.
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The bibliography of the 1943 Car Builder's Cyclopedia says that on
page 791 of the May 8, 1937 issue of "Railway Age" there is an
article about the Double Deck Refrigerator Cars owned by Fruit
Growers Express. Before I try to find this issue in a library
somewhere, I wanted to see if someone on the this list owns this
issue. If so, could you please contact me offline.

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