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Larry Wolohon

Greg's garage was from Saginaw, MI. I believe that roughly a year or 2 ago, he decided to go out of business for reason(s) unknown to me. I think that he sold mostly locally(in the SE Michigan area), as I would usually see him @ the Ann Arbor Train Show, the Gratiot Valley Train Shows & the Redford Model RR Club shows in for the past 10 or 15 years. I didn't know that he was in the Walther's Catalogs, at least there are no listing of Greg's Garage in my 2005 or 2007 Walthers catalogs. 

I always thought that he did a pretty decent job for a fairly decent price, $5.00/ a model which was painted. He also did some 4 door cars & some not so common autos.

Larry Wolohon

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Richard Bale wrote:


For a look at HO scale vehicles from the 30s and 40s check out the
following web sites:
_www.classicmetalworks.com_ ( )
_www.sheepscotscale.com_ ( ) ( )
( )

Greg's Garage used to make resin vehicles going back into the 30s. They started out unpainted at a very reasonable price. Then they started prepainting them, and the price went up. I just did a search, and turned up a few individual vehicles, but did not find a manufacturer's web site, and they don't show up in the 2011 Walthers catalog, so I don't know what has become of the line.

Chuck Soule

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