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Smelters shipped more than just sulfuric acid in tank cars, but some
other liquids too. The smelter that I know best ships both acid (in
standard acid tank cars) and a process water stream in a larger car. So,
you may need more than just a single style.

Eric Hiser
Phoenix, AZ

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In Arizona today along the Sunset route it is common to see strings of tank
cars labeled for sulfuric acid loading as they are a part of copper smelting
operations. I am modeling a portion of an SP Branch serving a copper mine
and smelting operation in Arizona as it appeared in 1948 and I will need to
model tank cars for that purpose. My research so far has not turned up a
clear view of a common type of tank car for sulfuric acid loading in that
era. I am making the assumption that UTLX and possibly others had groups of
cars for that purpose that were simple variations of their more common car
types with modified domes and lined interiors for this service but I haven't
been able to find any definitive pictures or drawings so far. Can anyone
help me out?

thank you

Ed Grabek


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