Re: Sunshine instructions

Des Norman

Hi Fenton,
I've just checked the list of Sunshine kits in the Files section. The ones listed are all later kits.

The label on the kit I have has;
'PRR X-26C steel rebuild, Superior door, straight panel'

Maybe your one is another variant of the X26C, in which case presumably the same instructions would do, so please send when convenient.


--- In STMFC@..., O Fenton Wells <srrfan1401@...> wrote:

I have kit 64.35 a X-26C do you think they are the same? Let me know and I can scan and send.

On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 4:58 PM, Des Norman <desanorman@...> wrote:
Hello all,
I recently bought 2nd-hand an unstarted Sunshine kit. It's kit #64.21 for a PRR X26C. Unfortunately there are no instruction sheets included.

Would anyone have a set of instructions which they could scan and email, please? It would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Des Norman
Fenton Wells
3047 Creek Run
Sanford NC 27332

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