Re: Foreign Road Stock Cars (was Re: Pacemaker boxcar usageoff-line of NYC)

Bruce Smith

FW-8, "Man-o-war" dates back at least into the 20's - a Keystone
article shows a K2s on the point from 1925 (Pacific class for the
non-SPF's on the list), so the symbol appears to have survived for
30 years.

Luckily, I said IIRC <VBG> allowing me to blame my memory!

Back to your original question about PRR Middle Division stock train
consists during WWII. While there has been a lot of speculation, and
many comments about stock handling in general, most have missed the
point with respect to the PRR.

PRR Stock shipments did NOT (in general) originate from the range.
Rather, these shipments originated from larger feedlots. The stock
were no longer owned by the farmer, but by the feedlot. Thus, they
were NOT accompanied by drovers and there was no need for the
originating road stock car to continue with the stock, since the
stock would have spent days to weeks in the stockyard.

Given that the PRR had in excess of 2,000 of its own stock cars, the
majority of stock movement during WWII on PRR rails would have been
in K7A and K8 stock cars. Obviously, you should have picked up a
number of the BLI K7A and as for the K8, all I can say is cross your
fingers <VBG> (although a stand in can be had from the TM stock
car). Additional stock cars from connecting roads, especially at the
major stock cities of Chicago, Cincinnati and Saint Louis, were
relatively common. Among those that can be seen in photos on the PRR
were Milwaukee, ATSF, UP, Mopac and Frisco. These cars were likely
"available" and used as needed to fill out PRR stock trains. Stock
cars from non-connecting roads would have been less likely, but
possible (eg SP). Given the issues of WWII, a few oddballs (eg
Rutland) might also be seen.

There was some direct traffic from the range to the PRR as well.
Perhaps most notable would have been cattle from the King Ranch to
their location in southeastern PA. These would have been far less
likely to transfer between cars and thus these trains probably
contained a much higher ratio of western stock cars. These would
have been in addition to the movements detailed in the arranged
freight schedules in the ETTs.


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