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Acid tanks have hauled acid in and out of smelters and copper refineries since the early days, long before air pollution laws. The smelters around Ducktown, TN went to acid recovery in 1904, because acid was a valuable by-product of sulfide ores. And also because acid emissions made the landscape look like this:

Yes, that is Tennesee. Notice the freight car. The area around Wawa, Ontario looks similar, from the past roasting of iron sulfide ores.

Acids are used as the electrolyte in electrolytic copper refining, which may or may not be done at the same site as the smelter.

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Among other uses, sulfuric acid is shipped to potato growing regions where it is sprayed on the vines shortly before mechanical harvesting to kill the vines. Apparently the harvesting machines work better when the vines are dead and dried out. Acid from ASARCO in El Paso went to Royalton, Minn. for example.

Gene Green

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