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I have been using Sergent couplers for several years and am quite pleased with them. Operations so far have only been on a 2 x 8 foot switching layout. But the current much larger layout -- in the design and engineering phase -- will see their use also. I should add that all of my trackwork is within 24-inches of the front of the layout. There is no remote uncoupling required.

I have found that I switch a good deal slower with cars equipped with Sergent couplers than with Kadee couplers. To me, this reduced speed seems more prototypical. Did you find this to be the case also?

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On Mar 21, 2011, at 9:39 AM, wrote:

Had the opportunity to operate for a bit on a layout using Sergent couplers last Saturday.

The look fantastic! They uncouple much easier than Kadees, but making sure they were in alignment when coupling was frustrating at best for a first time user.

We (traveling car load) decided that if we were building a small layout or detailed models for display they would be worth considering.
Clark Propst

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