Re: Pacemaker boxcar usage off-line of NYC - 175000 vs 174000 #s

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Jim! That would have been obvious to me if I had checked the
quantities of cars in the 175025-175999 series... (The 175000-175024
were the PS-1 box cars built in 1954 and delivered in Pacemaker colors
with full dimensional data.)

Tim O'Connor

The 174000 series cars were "assigned" to Pacemaker service. When they were removed from Pacemaker service, they were renumbered by changing the "4" to a "5". There is at least one picture extant that shows the "5" as obviously the only altered number on the CASO website - a quick and minimal renumbering job if there ever was one!

So the 175000 cars are just renumbered 174000 cars. At the same time, most if not all of them had the light "cushion" springs from their "LCL" assignment days replaced with regular springs so they would be available in the general boxcar pool.

Jim Yaworsky

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