Re: Sergent couplers

Randy Hammill

I've only experimented with them as I'm still building the layout. But yes, I found that you often have to use a good bit of force, or use the uncoupling stick to move them side-to-side a touch to make sure they are coupled.

I'm on the fence about whether I will use them. Initially I was not planning on sharing any equipment, but now that I'm modeling steam a friend and I will be sharing locomotives at the very least.

Since my primary modeling purpose will be operations, we will probably go the Kadee route and clip off the 'air hose'.

If we do go with the Sergent's I have also found that the ones I assembled don't work as smoothly as the pre-assembled ones.

Randy Hammill

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Hello all,
I am considering using the Sergent couplers and have a question. In Tim Warris' video and post, he states that he occasionally has trouble coupling the cars, sometimes having to use quite a bit of force to couple cars. However, he also states that he purchased the assembled couplers. For those of you who use these couplers, have you noticed the same problems? Do you use the assembled couplers, or do you assemble them yourself? If so, what assembly "tweaks" would you recommend to improve the operation of these couplers?

Thanks for your time.

Bob Heninger
Iowa City, IA

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