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Thanks, Richard. It is good to hear I was not least not
at that least I think so.

Yes, yes, the rest of you, I think I am kidding,

Sorry, being serious, at one time, I tried to keep track of how many tarped
loads I was seeing, and what colors. The majority of tarps were either green
or a dark dirt color. I have no idea why, but it seemed those two colors

The wood appeared mostly to be furring strips, maybe, of roughly 1 x 3",
unlike the blocking, which was much larger. It would be easy to replicate,
even so far as to make pin holes for the nails.

While many tarps appear to have covered machinery and manufactured goods,
they still used tarps to cover coils of steel, which I would guess was
unfinished and being shipped elsewhere for finishing. This is also an easy
load I've done.

Elden Gatwood

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I remember seeing tarped loads close up, and those I saw were held in
place with long strips of wood nailed to the deck or floor. The nails
went right through the wood and tarp. The excess tarp appeared to have
been folded under the wood so no excess tarp would flap around, maybe?
Elden, I have a number of photos of canvas covered machinery loaded on flat
cars, and what you describe is exactly what they show.

Richard Hendrickson

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