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Carl (and all),

Sergent couplers CAN be made to center like Kadee couplers if the modeler prefers. I have only built a working prototype in S scale, but it should be just as easy to build in HO. Have a look at the following links : (5 images and 1 video)

Using a standard Kadee #802/808 gear box as a test platform, I cut to length and width, then notched a "V" shape into a short length of white styrene to fit inside the Kadee gear box behind the shank of the Sergent Engineering coupler. I then cut a phosphor-bronze strip to a length of just shy of the inner width as the Kadee gear box, and inserted it between the rear of the Sergent coupler's shank and the shaped styrene block. The idea was that the prosphor-brinze strip would press against the flat rear surface of the coupler and force it to center.

It worked (works) like a CHAMP!


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Had the opportunity to operate for a bit on a layout using Sergent couplers last Saturday.

The look fantastic! They uncouple much easier than Kadees, but making sure they were in alignment when coupling was frustrating at best for a first time user.

We (traveling car load) decided that if we were building a small layout or detailed models for display they would be worth considering.
Clark Propst

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